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  • The Muscle Light cross-country ski pants look good with their trendy colours and are packed with technical features to help you achieve your potential. The windproof pants protect your legs from the cold air and keep your muscles nice and warm. At the back, the trousers wick perspiration and excess heat away so you stay dry and don’t overheat when you push yourself to the limit. Thanks to their stretchy fabric and ergonomically shaped knees, they also give you complete freedom of movement so that you can stride and turn without being restricted. Features such as side zips and a back pocket for keys and cash round off the Muscle Light cross-country ski pants perfectly.

    • Highly advanced warm up Pant
    • GORE WINDSTOPPER® Soft-Shell combined with ThermoAir
    • Open knee construction for optimal «free move»
    • Full side zip for fast step in and out
    • Adjustable Velcro flaps on waist
    • Reflective tape details
    • Antislide elastic band at leg opening
    • Snow protection at inside lower leg
  • With their sporty design, the SHARP ski pants are all about having fun in the snow. The wind- and waterproof pants will protect you and keep you dry, whether you’re out on a windy day or sitting in the snow enjoying the sun. Six zip pockets provide plenty of space for your purse, sunscreen and everything else you want to take with you. The pants also feature full-length side zips, boot gaiters and detachable braces.

  • The Stryn cross-country ski pants are a reliable companion that you won’t want to do without when you’re training. The pants protect your thighs from the cold wind and keep your muscles nice and warm. Thanks to their adjustable waistband, the trousers will stay in place throughout your tour. There is a zip pocket at the front with space for an energy bar, wallet or tissues. Long zips at the sides make the trousers easier to put on and take off. Whether you go cross-country skiing every day or just occasionally, the Stryn cross-country ski pants are a must.

  • These ODLO sports pants guarantee a «free move» fit and pre-shaped knees. Moreover, the Pants Whistler have a fitted, half-elasticated waist lined with «cubic» and two zip pockets at front.

    • Unique hybrid construction combines seamless technology with windproofness
    • Fully bonded Windproof panel
    • Odlo Effect
  • Zeroweight running tights for women are perfect for running in breezy conditions, giving you premium feel, style and performance. The tights incorporate clever body-mapping construction that provides warmth and protection in all the right places, while Odlo Logic Windproof technology is there to shield you from the wind. Coming in black or purple, the tights are premium quality built for endurance, comfort and style – and a neat safety feature is the addition of subtle reflective elements that provide extra visibility when running at night or in low light conditions. Additional details include an adjustable waist, calf zippers and a handy zip pocket on the back. Zeroweight running tights are the intelligent legwear choice of the serious runner.

  • Ideaalne keskmine kiht aktiivseks liikumiseks. Kerge ja mitte paks materjal.

  • Soe pikavarrukaline pullover, mis valmistatud elastilisest fliisist, mis omakorda harjatud seestpoolt soojuse suurendamiseks ja kuivamise kiirendamiseks. Lühikese lukuga ja graafikaga ees.

  • For an all-around midlayer that won’t let you down when the temperatures drop, count on the Harbin Midlayer half-zip from Odlo. This lightweight fleece is your go-to layer when you need an extra bit of warmth that’s soft to the touch and comfortable on. Made from PES fleece with a brushed inside and plain surface outside, this sweater is quick-drying with insulation for outdoor activities. Constructed with good moisture management properties, this midlayer goes to work when you’re out in the elements. Bring a new layer of quality to your winter wear with the Harbin Midlayer half-zip for women.

  • Snowbird naiste pullover on parim teiseks kihiks võimaldades absoluutset liikumisvabadust, kõrget mugavust ja soojust ning stiilset väljanägemist. Pullover on seestpoolt pehme ja harjatud, pealt sile, et ei haakuks välise kihi külge. See tagab täiusliku niiskuse ära juhtimise ja soojusisolatsiooni. terveks päevaks.  Stiilne ja sportlik välimus ning funktsionaalsus annavad enesekindlust oma võimete ületamiseks.

  • The Stuff ski midlayer for women with its sophisticated, fitted look is perfect for the fashion-conscious ski or outdoor activity lover. Its design and integrated technology ensure you stay comfortable and warm out on the mountains or simply enjoying the great outdoors.
    For protection from the elements there is a high collar with zip protector, long sleeves and a long back. Style-wise there is subtle stitching on the chest and it also features two hidden hand pockets for small items or to keep hands warm. The Stuff looks great but works hard, too. The polyester/wool fleece material is brushed inside for softness and comfort, while it also provides good thermal insulation and moisture management to help protect you from testing conditions. This high quality natural marl pullover will also spare your blushes when you work up a sweat, thanks to natural odour control, allowing you to put yourself to the limit on the slopes.

  • Klassikaline Odlo toode, mis väljendab elegantsust ja mugavust. Selle veniv polaarne materjal loob mugavus tunde isegi jaheda ilmaga. Materjal pakub suurepärase kontrolli niiskuse üle, et hoida sind kuivana. Välimine veniv struktuur lisab mugavust ja pehmust tagades väga hea liikumisvabaduse. Ideaalne igaks sügis-talviseks tegevuseks. Naiselik disain teeb sellest tootest sobiva kandmiseks ka igapäevaelus.

  • Lihaseid toniseerivad soojad retuusid. Jaksad kauem!

  • Tavapärasest poüesterist erinevad, nahale pehmemast polüamiidmaterjalist retuusid.

  • Whether you’re running over frozen ground in the woods or pushing yourself on a cross-country ski trail, these Warm Sliq tights will always keep the cold out. The subtle tights are slightly brushed inside on the thighs so you stay warm and comfortable even at sub-zero temperatures. The drawstring waist makes sure the tights always stay in place perfectly, however long you exercise. Reflectors on the calves and thighs keep you visible if you’re out at dawn or dusk. A back pocket for an MP3 player, keys or cash rounds off the Warm Sliq tights’ impressive list of features.

  • Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your motivation has to. Winter is all about running and Odlo has created the highest quality performance running tights available.

    Zeroweight tights for women are designed with body mapping construction and elastic jersey with a high content of elastane for optimal comfort and a streamlined fit. Calf zippers allow for easy off-and-on access while reflective print on the lower legs provides increased visibility in low-light situations. Mesh inserts ensure increased ventilation where it’s needed.

    Bring confidence to your winter running routine with Odlo’s high-performance Zeroweight tights.

  • Evolution Light teeb 100% kandmise mugavaks ja tagab täieliku liikumisvabaduse. Sellel särgil on keha kallistav lõige, õmblusteta kudumistehnoloogia ja integreeritud funktsionaalsed alad. Täiuslik niiskuse juhtimine, kõrge hingavus ja täiustatud ventilatsioon – need on ideaalsed kõigile, kes on otsustanud, et prauhti kohe oma isiklik parim.

  • Perfect for women looking for high-performance baselayers that won’t let them down, the Evolution Light long sleeve crew neck shirt provides excellent freedom of movement for intense activities all year round. Keep moving with seamless integrated ventilation zones and body temperature control, and get performance that delivers.

  • Take total control of your personal climate in winter conditions with this special 70th anniversary edition womens baselayer hoody that combines the body-hugging, stretchy fit of seamless knit technology with perfect personal climate control. Made using an innovative 3D rotary knitting technique that creates a high-stretch garment with the absolute minimum of stitching, this seamless knit undershirt features body-mapped functional zones that provide optimal moisture management and ventilation exactly where you need them most. By eliminating chafing from seams, seamless construction also delivers great next-to-skin comfort, while the combined hood and full-zip design allows you to zip up to conserve warmth or zip down to quickly dump heat. Meanwhile, our ‘Effect by Odlo’ silver-based antibacterial fabric treatment banishes body odour, helping you to stay smelling fresher for longer. Celebrating 70 years of innovation with a heritage chest logo, zipper and arm patch, this warm and technical undershirt is made with recycled PES, offering the perfect blend of retro style and today’s tech – what more can you ask for in a baselayer?

  • Blackcomb Evolution soe naiste särk hoiab sind soojas ja katab sind lausa pealaeni välja, kui seda vajad. See sooja pesu särk on täis high-tech omadusi, mis võivad aidata kaasa sinu jõudlusele. Sujuv õmblusteta kudumise tehnoloogia tagab mugavuse ja liikumisvabaduse ning mitmed nutikad tsoonid on strateegiliselt lisatud kujunduse sisse, et aidata optimeerida ventileerimist ja pakkuda parimat niiskuse ära juhtimist. Kui oled väljas lume või külma käes pikemalt, siis just see – parim soe pesu – on omas elemendis pakkudes täiuslikku ja kauakestvat kaitset külma eest. Veelgi enam, ükskõik kui kõvasti “vajutad” nõlvadel,  ei pea sa muretsema higilõhna pärast, sest see kangas sisaldab “Odlo efekti” – funktsionaalne ja antibakteriaalne hõbeda kiud higilõhna vähendava toimega. Blackcomb Evolution Warm näed väga hea välja ja on osaliselt valmistatud taaskasutatud materjalidest, mis tähendab, et aitate kaitsta keskkonda nautides samal ajal oma tegevust ja olemist.

  • Blackcomb Evolution naiste särk hoiab sind soojas ja on täis high-tech omadusi, mis võivad aidata kaasa sinu jõudlusele. Sujuv õmblusteta kudumise tehnoloogia tagab mugavuse ja liikumisvabaduse ning mitmed nutikad tsoonid on strateegiliselt lisatud kujunduse sisse, et aidata optimeerida ventileerimist ja pakkuda parimat niiskuse ära juhtimist. Kui oled väljas lume või külma käes pikemalt, siis just see – parim soe pesu – on omas elemendis pakkudes täiuslikku ja kauakestvat kaitset külma eest. Veelgi enam, ükskõik kui kõvasti “vajutad” nõlvadel,  ei pea sa muretsema higilõhna pärast, sest see kangas sisaldab “Odlo efekti” – funktsionaalne ja antibakteriaalne hõbeda kiud higilõhna vähendava toimega. Blackcomb Evolution Warm-iga näed väga hea välja ja see on osaliselt valmistatud taaskasutatud materjalidest, mis tähendab, et aitate kaitsta keskkonda nautides samal ajal oma tegevust ja olemist.

  • Väga funktsionaalne soe pesu, hoiab sind soojas, kui on külm. Tänu optimaalsele niiskuse ära juhtimisele ja suurepärasele soojusisolatsioonile tunned end mugavalt igal ajahetkel. 100% High-Tech toode, mis pakub sulle enneolematut mugavust ja täieliku liikumisvabaduse.

  • Demand more from your baselayer with the Evolution Warm Muscle Force long sleeve crew neck shirt for women. This top reduces muscle vibration by an incredible 42%, meaning less impact and quicker recovery for muscles. High PES fabric content ensures perfect moisture management and quick drying times for the highest in quality sportswear.

  • Kui soovid, et esimene kiht oleks midagi enamat, kui lihtsalt soe pesu, siis just Vallee Blanche Originals Warm särk naistele on just sinu jaoks. Sellel on kaks erinevat värvitooni ja “on laetud” kõrgtehnoloogiliste omadustega. Nagu paljud Odlo sooja pesu tooted, nii ka see, on valmistatud seestpoolt harjatud kangast, mis annab väga hea soojapidavuse külmades ilmaoludes, samal ajal hoiab niiskust ära juhiv süsteem sinu naha kuivana terve päeva. Tagant pikem lõige hoiab selja alaosa soojas ka siis, kui peaksid ette kummarduma näiteks mäest laskudes madalas asendis ja pikad varrukad takistavad tuulel sisse tungimast. Sellele lisaks, ei tule muretseda higilõhna pärast ka peale suurt pingutust, seda tänu Effect Odlo-le – higilõhna vähendavad hõbedakiud kangas. Kujundus, soojapidavus, mugavus ja võimekus on kõik opimaalsel tasemel, nii et lase oma esimesel kihil seada tempo ja aidata saavutada oma täielikku potentsiaali.

  • Soovite head enesetunnet isegi külma ilmaga? Selle sooja särgiga on tagatud mugavus ja heaolu ka madalatel temperatuuridel. Tänu optimaalsele niiskuse juhtimisele väljapoole ja suurepärasele soojusisolatsioonile tunned end mugavalt igal ajahetkel. Uskumatult pehme fliisist sisemus annab teile kuiva ja mugava olemise igasugusel talve tegevusel.

  • Style never goes out of fashion, and nor does performance – with its classic Odlo heritage look and excellent lightweight and breathable thermal insulation, the Katharina Warm shirt with facemask from our Originals series scores big on both fronts. Designed to keep you cosy in sub-zero conditions, this Warm Series technical midlayer features an integral facemask to keep out the cold on face-numbing winter mornings. Odlo’s time-tested Originals fabric delivers excellent thermal insulation and moisture management, while the form-hugging body fit and super soft brushed finish means this super snug baselayer feels as good as it looks against your skin. Meanwhile, Odlo’s Effect technology uses silver ions to give the fabric permanent added protection against odour-causing bacteria. With its seamless blend of heritage style and cutting edge performance, we like to think of the Katharina as a fitting tribute to our 70 years of innovation.

  • Combining the natural feel and warmth of Merino wool with Odlo’s commitment to quality, the Natural 100% Merino Warm series baselayer is a true reflection of nature. At Odlo, we’re never satisfied with ‘good’ – everything we do has to be better. So when we set out to produce a performance first layer using 100% Merino wool, we insisted on using 17.5 micron wool – the finest on the market. The result is an incredibly smooth next-to-skin feel, along with all the natural body temperature control and anti-odour properties of real Merino. Package this up with a flattering, slim fit, cool casual style and an eye-catching print, and we think you’ll agree that this first layer goes one step beyond traditional sports underwear.

  • A world first! The REVOLUTION WARM shirt blends merino wool with polyester to combine the advantages of both materials. High-quality merino wool prevents odours and ensures that the shirt keeps you comfortable both on and off the pistes. Meanwhile, the polyester in the fabric blend wicks perspiration away from the body, so you stay nice and dry. This makes the shirt ultra-lightweight and warm against your skin. Whether you’re skiing, walking or sitting outside in the sun, the REVOLUTION WARM shirt is the perfect choice for a day in the mountains!

  • The Sillian long sleeved women’s t-shirt brings sport and style together in a handy mid-layer that ensures you look as slick and sophisticated out on the snow as you do socialising in the bar afterwards. Its technical prowess means you also remain dry, warm and carefree.
    Coming in a choice of white, graphite grey, purple, pomegranate or indigo, this top comes with good moisture management as well as a fast drying finish called F-Dry, so if you happen to get wet you can be confident knowing the effects on your clothing won’t be long lasting.
    As well as protecting you from dampness the t-shirt comes with factor 50 equivalent UV protection, so on those beautiful bright, warmer mountain days you don’t need to worry about the after effects of a hard day in the snow.
    The other important aspect of any sports clothing is freedom of movement and with its lightweight 4-way stretch fabric the Sillian t-shirt comes into its own when you’re at you most active, making it a smart choice for any high pulse activities especially running and cross country skiing.

Showing 61–90 of 124 results