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  • Refined, stylish and really versatile, the Le Tour pullover for men is an ideal choice for snow and outdoors sports fanatics. It has a practical lightweight feel that does not get in the way of what you want to achieve. Featuring a brushed fabric effect on both the inside and outside of the garment, Le Tour has a super soft touch for great, daylong comfort and is the perfect accompaniment to long days out on the mountains. You won’t need to worry about conditions holding you back either, as Le Tour’s perfect thermal insulation qualities will serve you well whatever the winter throws at you. Being made from ultra-fast drying material means Le Tour will quickly dispose of any dampness and its moisture management system prevents sweat from affecting your comfort and performance. In terms of aesthetics, the style is functional sporty with clean, uncluttered lines, and there’s six different colours to pick from. Whichever you decide is the one for you, you know that onlookers will take you seriously on the slopes in the Le Tour pullover.

  • Bring a full quiver of performance qualities to your cross-country skiing this season with the Aeolus Pro Warm jacket from Odlo. This high-performance outer layer has been engineered to give you the edge when winter gets tough. With extended bodymapping, this jacket offers exceptional freedom of movement and all-important breathability. Structured 3-Layer material is soft and windproof to keep out icy winds when you’re racing across frozen landscapes. Engineered cuffs, a higher articulated collar and hem adjustability all bring added protection against the cold while bonded details, an athletic fit and a more technical style give the Aeolus Pro Warm jacket a superior look and feel.

  • The Aeolus Windstopper® jacket from Odlo is designed to stop the wind in its tracks on even the most exposed cross-country ski trails.Highly breathable, windproof and extremely water-repellent, this high performance outer layer provides form-fitting, body-mapped construction with a precision laser cut back that’s ideal for strategic, body cooling airflow when you’re heating up the track. Windproof Gore® Windstopper® panelling delivers maximum wind protection and extreme water repellency, while stretch inserts ensure optimal comfort and mobility out on the trail.When it comes to putting down personal bests while battling the elements, don’t compromise – we’ve got the experience it takes to provide the performance you need.
  • The men’s Frequency 2.0 Windstopper cross country jacket features Odlo’s peerless Windstopper technology, that takes the bite out cold winter mornings out on the snow. The full zip, long sleeves, body mapping construction and two side pockets add to the practicality of this sleekly designed jacket, and the mesh-style surface material gives the garment a strong, distinctive look. The DWR finish protects from the rain and the Frequency 2.0 Windstopper is available in a range of four colours, grey with orange contrasting cuff and zips, black, blue and orange.

  • For the ambitious. For those who go skiing often and intensely, for the result, sometimes for competing. For those who know the sport and expect the highest quality and technical skills.

  • Designed to keep water out and warmth in, this lightweight and technical jacket is perfect for cold-weather endurance activities like running and cross-country skiing. Protective and dynamic, the LOFTONE PrimaLoft® Endurance jacket is your go-to layer when you’re pushing hard on the trails. Its body-mapped construction provides maximum breathability so you can keep cool no matter how hard your body is working, while built-in stretch zones ensure your movement is never restricted. Reflective detailing offers higher visibility in low-light conditions for those dawn or dusk runs, and a zippered pocket provides a place to secure your important items. With all its technical features at your fingertips, run further in comfort and style with the LOFTONE PrimaLoft® jacket.

  • The Nagano cross-country ski jacket is a premium product that will help you perform to the max. With this windproof, water-repellent WINDSTOPPER® jacket, you will glide effortlessly along the trails, even if the air is full of snow. Highly breathable inserts underneath the arms and on the shoulder blades wick perspiration away so that you stay nice and dry even after extended periods of exertion. Thanks to the sporty fit and fashionable colours, you will look trendy too.

  • Jakk Stryn on usaldusväärne kaaslane murdmaasuusatamisel ja talvel jooksmisel. Tuulekindlad jakk kaitseb sind jäise tuule eest ka siis, kui rada läheb allamäge. Funktsionaalsed osad kaenla all ja seljal lasevad higil aurustuda hästi, nii, et oled kuiv isegi pärast pingutavat tõusu. Trendikad ja sportlikud värvid tagavad, et oled alati moes. Pole oluline, kas suusatad või jooksed igapäev või ainult aeg-ajalt, jakk Stryn peab olema!

  • Push yourself to new levels in your cross-country skiing with the Velocity technical full zip midlayer jacket. Thanks to its seamless technology, this low profile jacket provides body-mapped wind protection, meaning there is minimum drag and less bulk to get in the way of you moving faster and farther than ever before. Its integrated windproof protective panels mean wind chill is no longer a factor, and its specialised stretch technology helps you to move freely and without restriction. Now you can reach new vistas, explore new territory and achieve new goals with help from specially-designed mobility and ventilation zones which allow you regulate your temperature and keep your mobility during high-aerobic activities in cold temperatures. Now there’s nothing to get in your way. So what are you waiting for? Get your Velocity midlayer jacket and get moving.

  • Everything about the Zeroweight running jacket screams quality and performance, and you won’t be disappointed when you take your first run and enjoy first hand its high-tech features and clever design. It is the ideal outerlayer when running on days when others will stay indoors. Body-mapping construction is incorporated in the jacket, which provides protection and comfort in all the areas where it is needed most. The jacket is also designed to move with your body as you go through the range of running motions. Add to that Odlo Logic Windproof technology and you know you’ll be shielded from the strongest of winds as you stride out through the city streets or country trails with confidence. Excellent moisture management and breathability are big benefits that make this classy garment more than just an additional layer, while the durable repellent finish keeps you dry even if the rain tries to convince you to go inside. If that’s not enough, the visual design with contrasting zips and cuffs will give you an extra spring in your step with its watch-compatible cuff, smartly fitted design, discreet logo on chest and collar, as well as a handy zip pocket. You can even stand out at night thanks to the addition of subtle reflective elements.

  • Jooksmiseks ja suusatamiseks mõeldud soojustusega jope.

    Make every moment count this winter with the Irbis jacket for men from Odlo.Specifically designed to keep you dry and comfortable during low and medium-intensity activities, its hybrid construction combines insulation and ventilation to help moderate temperature. Woven water-repellent and windproof Pertex® microlight fabric take care of moisture from the outside while Primaloft® Silver Active creates soft, breathable thermal insulation on the inside. Odlo body mapping feels great on, and a sporty functional style brings versatility to this essential outer layer.Set yourself free to explore further with the Irbis jacket from Odlo.

  • Õhukesed, aga vastupidavad kindad, mis sobivad kõige paremini suusatamiseks. Aga on mugavad kanda ka rattaga kulgemisel ja isegi autoroolis. Suurus M vastab suurusele 8, L on 9 jne.

  • A cold, still, cloudless morning – Nagano X-Light XC gloves are your faithful companion as you set out, the first one on the trail. These extremely light gloves protect you from winter temperatures even when the sun’s shining. The elastic hook-and-loop wrist closure gives a perfect, snug fit. Whether for daily training or for competition, Nagano X-Light XC gloves are always a good choice.

  • Whether skiing in testing conditions or simply taking a trip outdoors in the winter, Nordic Sports XC gloves will keep your hands warm for extended periods, and you’ll appreciate the supreme quality that is a cut above competitors’ offerings. The outstanding soft material mix feels exquisite on your hands as soon as you slide them on, and your fingers will remain warm all day-long thanks to Odlo’s excellent insulation technology. To ensure they are tight around the wrist, preventing any cold air from sneaking its way in, elastic Velcro straps are positioned to fasten to the level that suits you, while the padded palm helps you grip your poles as you work hard on the snow. Topped off with a handy, fleece wiper on the thumb, these unisex gloves are flawless in design, performance and feel.

  • Soojad ergonoomilise lõikega treeningkindad on valmistatud 3-kihilisest Windstopper® materjalist. Windstopper® on hingav, väga tuulekindel ja veekindel.

    Are you looking for winter accessories that will take the challenges of daily training in their stride? If so, the WINDSTOPPER® Classic Warm XC gloves fit the bill. Made from Gore WINDSTOPPER® fabric, these training gloves will protect you from wind and adverse weather and keep your hands warm. Rough grips on the palm ensure that you can still hold your cross-country ski poles firmly. The knitted cuff gives a perfect, snug fit around your wrists.

  • Kingakate rattakingale sügis-talvisel ajal sõitmiseks. Suurus L sobib kingale 39-42, XL 43-46.

  • Kingakate rattakingale talvisel ajal sõitmiseks. Suurus L sobib kingale 40-42, XL 43-45.

  • Komplektis jakk ja musta värvi püksid.

    A functional cross-country set made of moisture-wicking and ventilating material with high stretch for freedom of movement. Windproof and water-repellent, so you can enjoy your time out in the snow.

  • Komplekt Stryn meestele on usaldusväärne kaaslane murdmaasuusatamisel ja talvel jooksmisel. Tuulekindlad jakk ja püksid kaitsevad sind jäise tuule eest ka siis, kui rada läheb allamäge. Funktsionaalsed osad kaenla all ja seljal lasevad higil aurustuda hästi nii, et oled kuiv isegi pärast pingutavat tõusu. Trendikad ja sportlikud värvid tagavad, et oled alati moes. Pole oluline, kas suusatad või jooksed igapäev või ainult aeg-ajalt, komplekt Stryn peab olema!

  • Aktiivseks liikumiseks, nagu jooksmine, suusatamine, talvel.

  • Loftone Primaloft® cross country shorts for men are perfect for wearing over ski or running tights and providing an added layer of protection from the cold when skiing or running. Primaloft® is lightweight and non-bulky but is renowned for its warming and insulating properties and with these shorts you can enjoy an added layer of protection without having your leg movement hampered in any way. These shorts have a distinctive style and are available in purple or black and grey, what’s more the addition of a durable water resistant (DWR) finish means water or melted snow are kept well at bay. The addition of two handy side pockets means you can also carry your music player or any other personal goods. Loftone Primaloft® cross country shorts are the ideal lightweight protective legwear for all-action skiers regardless of conditions.

  • Murdmaasuusa ja -jooksurada kutsub! Fliis Light müts hoiab sind soojas külmadel ja lumistel päevadel. Pehme fliis annab mõnusa tunde peas ning juhib niiskuse ja higi väljapoole kiiresti. See hoiab pea soojana ja kuivana. Pole vahet, kas  lähed lühikesele jooksu- või suusatreeningule või hoopis  suusamaratonile, selle fliismütsiga oled alati valmis!

  • Pehme ja veniv Polyknit materjal. Täisulik niiskuse eemale juhtimine. Mugavad serv-serva vastu õmblused.

  • Erimudel suusalegend Dario Cologna ja laskesuusalegend Ole Einar Björndaleni auks! Müts kaitseb pead jaheda temperatuuri eest. See juhib niiskuse kiiresti väljapoole, hoides teid kuivana ja enesetunde mugavana. Tänu elastsele materjalile ja serv-serva õmblustele istub müts mugavalt ilma survet avaldamat, nii et saate keskenduda oma tegevusele täielikult. Kui päike saab võitu pilvedest, saab mütsi kergesti jope tasku poetada. Üks suurus.

  • Providing protection that’s paramount to your performance, the Aeolus Pro Warm pants offer a strong defence against the winter elements. Built with exceptional moisture-wicking properties and thermal insulation, these pants help keep you dry and warm in wintry conditions. Extended bodymapping technology adds excellent freedom of movement and breathability so you can perform efficiently on the cross-country track and in your Nordic disciplines. Enjoy windproof protection with a 3-layer softshell material that blocks windchill for better comfort out in the cold. Enhance your cross-country performance this winter with the weather-ready Aeolus Pro Warm pants for men.

  • Pants for nordic sports, made of a 3-layer Windstopper® material with structured outside. The high breathability and the extreme water repellency gives the highest wear comfort at different activities and weather conditions.

  • Boost your energy reserves with these warm and windproof cross-country pants. Designed to keep the cold out, these pants are ideal for use on longer cross-country skiing outings. When the wind is howling and the air is chilled, you’ll be prepared to push through and go the distance. The Energy’s Micro 800 polyester fabric construction provides heat-trapping and moisture-wicking properties to keep you warm and energised throughout. High-stretch Polyknit panels mean more freedom of movement than ever before on the trail and Odlo’s Logic Windproof technology and DWR finish provide the perfect amount of wind protection to keep you safe from the elements. These technical and athletic Energy trousers maximise breathability and mobility so you can concentrate on the trail beneath you and the journey ahead!

  • Evolution Light teeb 100% kandmise mugavaks ja tagab täieliku liikumisvabaduse. Nendel kergetel pükstel on keha kallistav lõige, õmblusteta kudumistehnoloogia ja integreeritud funktsionaalsed alad. Täiuslik niiskuse juhtimine, kõrge hingavus ja täiustatud ventilatsioon – need on ideaalsed kõigile, kes on otsustanud, et prauhti kohe oma isiklik parim.

    High Performance baselayer designed to promote climate regulation during mid to intense exercise in mild temperatures. The supportive fabric also helps to support working muscles during activity and is ideal for running, cycling or outdoor pursuits.

  • Väga intensiivseks liikumiseks mõeldud pükste eesmärk on hoida sind soojas ka külmades tingimustes. See toode sobib kõrge intensiivsusega spordialadele nagu suusatamine, jooksmine, mägironimine, jalgrattasõit ja muudeks vabaõhu seiklusteks külmades tingimustes.

Showing 1–30 of 86 results