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  • Väga funktsionaalsed, päka, võlvi, talla ja sääre alad, soojad ja juhivad niiskuse hästi väljapoole. Ei libise jalas tänu vormi hoidvatele ühendustele. Tugevdatud päka ja kanna osa. Hea higilõhnaregulatsioon tänu multifunktsionaalsetele hõbeda kiudele “efekt Odlo”. Sobivad nii murdmaa suusatamiseks, mäesuusatamiseks, kui jooksmiseks ja matkamiseks jahedama ilmaga sügisel ja talvel ning miks mitte ka rattasõiduks jahedaga.

  • This comfortable wool outdoor sock has the comfort you need for staying on your feet all day. Super soft next to the skin, the 17.5 Micron Merino Long Natural+ Ceramiwool Outdoor Socks provide comfort for long days on the trail. Actively cooling Ceramicool technology and naturally cooling Tencel combine to prevent your feet from overheating, whilst things are kept fresh thanks to the natural anti-odour properties of the wool. All-day comfort is a necessity when pushing your limits – the long Natural + Ceramiwool Socks are a great option for hikers and trail runners alike.

  • You probably never thought socks could be as high-tech as these unisex Running/Bike socks, that provide all your feet need when you take to the road, track or path. Let’s face it, what ever workout you choose to do you want your feet to be in maximum comfort, and these are perfectly suited for running or biking in any conditions. Made with soft nylon tactel microfibres for the ultimate feel on your hard-working feet, they also offer you perfect moisture management to prevent your feet getting damp, even when you work up a sweat. Not only will your feet stay dry as you run or ride but these socks are visible via a reflective print.

  • Keep your feet happy with these made-for-running ankle-length socks. Soft and comfortable with just enough stretch and padding to help you go the distance, their lightweight polyamide fabric wicks moisture away with efficiency and helps to reduce bunching so your feet stay dry and blister-free. Get comfort where you need it, so you can keep expanding your horizons. Double pack contains two pairs of Running Basic socks. Try the Running Reflective headband for added comfort and visibility while exploring new trails this winter.

  • Never underestimate the humble sock – feet are the foundation of many activities and it’s essential that you look after them properly if you value performance. Which is why at Odlo we have created the unisex Running Low Cut sock a light, summer sock for runners, cyclists and those who are in training and value an endurance-oriented solution. When worn the Running Low Cut is almost invisible but you’ll definitely appreciate its positive contribution to your sports performance. It’s made from soft and technical yarns that have been utilised to provide optimum cushioning and arch support as well as being designed with reinforced toe and heel areas and deliver a secure fit, great comfort and enhanced durability. Ventilated mesh panels positioned all over the instep provide perfect moisture management and breathability that spirits away sweat and heat. Effect by Odlo odour control technology is included to keep feet fresh all day long and being handily packed in two’s the Running Low Cut 2 Pack Socks represent great value for money and practicality.

  • You trust Odlo to fully protect you out in the mountains, and your feet are no different. Odlo Ski Warm socks for men and women do a crucial job in keeping your feet warm, dry and supremely comfortable out in the snow. Enjoy the comfort as you move around in these extra long, medium-weight socks that feel beautifully soft on your calves and feet, courtesy of the use of high-quality polyester yarn twisted with wool. Even when maximum pressure is placed on your feet, NanoGlide technology minimises friction and prevents any irritation on the skin, while perfect reinforcements further add to the comfort and protection. A flat toe seem ensures the soft, pleasant feel extends right to the end of your feet, leaving you to tackle the winter elements all day without having to worry about your feet.

  • High-tech aksessuaar kõigile sportlastele. Toodetud uusima 3-D pöörleva kudumise tehnoloogia abil, mis pakub optimaalse kaitse ja suurepärase soojusisolatsiooni. Näomaski on väga mugav kanda tänu pehmele materjale ja annab täiusliku niiskuse transpordi välja. Odlo soovitab näomaski kõigile väljas liikujaile madalatel temperatuuridel tagades kandjale soosjuse, mugavuse ja hingavuse. Väga funktsionaalne kaitsev mask täiusliku termoregulatsiooniga Ideaalne pakase käes Integreeritud funktsionaalsed tsoonid maksimaalseks niiskuse transportimiseks ja täiuslikuks soojustuseks.

  • Mitmekülgne ja soe näomask, harjatud fliisvooder seespool. See annab sulle kõrge soojusisolatsiooni ja suurepärase niiskuse ärajuhtimise olles ise täiesti hingav. Odlo soovitab kanda näomaski, kui külma ilmaga murdmaad suusatades või mägedes suusatades või ekspeditsioonil mägedesse. Materjal on õhuke ja võib kanda kiivri all.

  • Mitmekülgne ja soe näomask, harjatud fliisvooder seespool. See annab sulle kõrge soojusisolatsiooni ja suurepärase niiskuse ärajuhtimise olles ise täiesti hingav. Odlo soovitab kanda näomaski külma ilmaga murdmaad suusatades või mägedes suusatades või ekspeditsioonil mägedesse, aga sobib ka igasuguseks tegevuseks. Materjal on õhuke ja võib kanda kiivri all.

  • This warm fleecy facemask has an excellent brushed inside for high wearer comfort in cold conditions

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  • Want some fresh air despite low, low temperatures? No problem with the Nagano WINDSTOPPER® neck tube. It protects from wind and water, yet it’s breathable. The mouth openings let you breathe freely while protecting from extremely cold air. The reflective prints also add visibility in fog and darkness. Whether for getting to work in the morning or for a bike tour in the snow, with the Nagano WINDSTOPPER® neck tube you’re ready for anything.

Showing 61–75 of 75 results