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Püksid NATURAL 100% MERINO Warm


When the snow starts flying and the reading on the thermometer heads south there are several different baselayer fabrications that perform well. However, there’s nothing that feels quite as cosy, or keeps you quite as warm as a superior pair of wool baselayers. Our Natural 100% Merino Warm SUW is made from the finest-quality 100% Merino wool on the market. The 17.5 micron weight feels super smooth next to your skin and provides incredible all-natural heat and breathability. Of course, wool has long been a preferred alternative to synthetic fibres due to its all-natural anti-odour control. A fitted cut provides smooth layering.

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Toote kirjeldus

  • Super-Smooth to The Skin (Due to 17,5 Micron Wool – Currently Finest 100% Merino Quality On Market)
  • Natural Body Temperature Control
  • Natural anti-Odour Control
  • 100% merino wool