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Lühikesed püksid LOFTONE primaloft M

99,00 49,0099,00

Loftone Primaloft® cross country shorts for men are perfect for wearing over ski or running tights and providing an added layer of protection from the cold when skiing or running. Primaloft® is lightweight and non-bulky but is renowned for its warming and insulating properties and with these shorts you can enjoy an added layer of protection without having your leg movement hampered in any way. These shorts have a distinctive style and are available in purple or black and grey, what’s more the addition of a durable water resistant (DWR) finish means water or melted snow are kept well at bay. The addition of two handy side pockets means you can also carry your music player or any other personal goods. Loftone Primaloft® cross country shorts are the ideal lightweight protective legwear for all-action skiers regardless of conditions.


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