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Harness the natural cooling effects of ceramic in Odlo’s exclusive CeramiCool baselayer shirt for men. Perfect for helping lower body temperatures when things heat up, this shirt uses ceramic microparticles to help release heat from high-temperature zones and positions mesh panels in sensitive areas to optimise personal climate control. Meanwhile, Effect by Odlo technology integrates silver ions into the fabric to naturally banish any unpleasant odours. Kick your summer action up a notch with the CeramiCool baselayer shirt for men.


Toote kirjeldus

  • Combination of Ceramicool technology in most sensitive areas of the body (underarms and neck) and intelligent Mesh positioning for optimal climate control
  • UPF 20+ (through unique polymer – Thetandioxid)
  • Soft handfeel
  • Ceramicool mesh panels in combination with PES material
  • Casual Fit
  • Cut and sewn
  • Good ventilation through intelligent mesh positioning
  • Fresh, performance- oriented look
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