1. The seller is obligated to take back the purchased products within 14 days after buyer has received them. We are fully confident in the quality of ODLO and have not yet been disappointed. Therefore we expect from buyer the wish for bought products. In case the buyer is not sure about the right size or product qualities, he or she is expected to ask the seller for more information about the product. If still should happen, that the ordered product is not suitable, the buyer is expected of possibility for seller to offer suitable product instead and willingness to accept it.
  2. Deadline for products refund is 14 calendar days. Returnable product must not be used and must be attached to the manufacturer labels, same when buying. Also be in the box, if it was provided by the manufacturer specificly for this product. The box has to be unharmed. The same conditions apply to the replacement of the product.
  3. Product return, also in the case of exchange, is carried out through parcel terminal. The buyer is obligated to inform the seller of exchange or return wish in writing to e-mail address info@odlo.ee. After that the seller will reply the instructions via e-mail for that. Destination parcel terminal is located in Tallinn, Pirita Selver, at the name of Kodupartner OÜ, phone No +372 5244027.
  4. Claims about products can be made in writing within six months after purchase and every claim is reviewed separately.