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ODLO Ambassadors

BC meeste crew neck

Dario Cologna – 3-time Olympic Champion and 4-time WorldCup winner in cross-country skiing, freshly won in 2015/2016 season.

He’s name and men’s cross-country skiing are synonyms of the last decade! In 2015 World Championships, he was the silver medalist and at the World Cup events he is still on the podium. He has contributed a lot to the development of cross-country racing clothes.

BC meeste FM särk

Jon Olsson – freestyle skier


Nino Schurter – new Olympic Champion from Rio 2016! Also 6-time World Champion and 5-time WorldCup winner in mountain bike race, recently won them both in 2017!

He is the MTB legend of this decade! He is a rolemodel for many because of his great dedication and focus. Only then one gets to be the best!

Jenny Rios2

Jenny Rissveds – new Olympic Champion from Rio 2016 in mountain bike race! Also 2015 U23 WorldCup winner.

Only 22 years of age, this Swede made history in Rio Olympics and managed to win every event in the World Cup MTB series in 2015 in under 23 category. Future is hers!

Ingalena Schömburg-Heuck

Ingalena Schömburg-Heuck – German running champion in half marathon