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About ODLO


Because with ODLO products are always guaranteed quality, functionality and comfort!

We ourselves, have been engaged in high-level sport activity and competitions and go in for sports every day. During that, we’ve used the clothing of various manufacturers. None of the other manufacturer’s products have been so comfortable, functional and durable. We ourselves, have been using some Odlo warm underwear over 10 years already and would not trade those for any another manufacturer’s warm underwear.

ODLO has a long history and has been a pioneer in the development of new materials (fabrics) and designing new cuts. That alone is a sign of trust and distinguishes them from others.

Always one step ahead!
Functionality and comfort
Exceptional quality


With the motto “Always make sure you’re one step ahead,” Odlo was born in 1946. An enthusiastic Norwegian sportsman named Odd Roar Lofterød started the company with a heaping portion of creativity and courage. The company began producing training tights for ice-skating athletes that protected from the cold, and from there the concept soared.

In 1963, the company introduced the first elasticized and functional ski outfit for cross-country skiers and speed skaters made from the Helanca synthetic fiber. The entire Norwegian national ski team donned these revolutionary outfits for the 1964 Olympic Winter Games and by the 1972 Olympic Games in Sapporo, 22 national teams were wearing Odlo sportswear.
The company went global in 1986, the year after the company launched the cutting-edge Athletic Clothing System, which provided three layers to ensure moisture regulation, temperature control, and protection from the elements. The company then branched out in 1994 with running and outdoor collections that ensured athletes of all types could comfortably exercise in any climate.
A fabric breakthrough was achieved in 2002 with the development of the effect by Odlo fiber – the first underwear made with odor-reducing silver ions. In 2006, another high-tech fabric was created; the lightweight, all-year-round underwear fabric cubic had a three-dimensional structure that ensured optimal body temperatures.
At present, Odlo has a market-leading range of gear for all climates, with more than 550 different products for all types of athletes. And the future for Odlo is an exciting one.
If you asked Odd Lofterød Jr. about his vision of the future, he says: “My father always set the goal of being a step ahead of everyone else. Nothing has changed in this respect.”
Historical Events:
1946: Odd Roar Lofterød, Norwegian sports enthusiast, founded the company having only the creativity and the courage to start.
1963: Odd developed the first elasticized and functional training tights made from Helanca synthetic fiber for his son, who was part of a youth speed-skating team.
1972 Sapporo Olympics, 22 national teams wore ODLO sports clothes.
1973: The first fully synthetic sports underwear in the world: ODLO termic.
1986: The company went global and moved to Switzerland. A year later the company launched the cutting-edge Athletic Clothing System, based on the three-layer-principle.
2002: A fabric breakthrough was achieved with the development of the effect by Odlo fiber – the first underwear made with odor-reducing silver ions.
2015: The launch of the Evolution Blackcomb underwear range for the Winter 2015 season saw the Greentec concept being revisited and integrated into the new Blackcomb range. In January 2015, this stylish, high-performance, sustainable underwear range was awarded the prestigious ISPO Gold Award in Munich.

2017: a new yarn, that has cooling powers – Ceramicool, was invented. It can cool the skin up to 1 degree! Also a Natural underwear line was introduced, which is made of the thinnest merino wool!

2018: the Ceramicooli technology was inegrated into all categories. A new phenomenon was born – Ceramiwool! In ISPO two golden awards were rewarded.

70 years on, Odlo is still demonstrating how innovation is one of its greatest strengths./vc_column_text]

ODLO nowadays

Who we are

ODLO is a leading international sportswear brand offering the best products to people who share a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. ODLO was founded in Norway in 1946. Over 745 of employees, of whom 113 work at the headquarters in Hünenberg, Switzerland.

Where we are represented

ODLO products are sold in more than 20 countries around the world. ODLO has subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. These countries represent the majority of sales.

What we do

Odlo is proud to be a pioneer in the production of functional sportswear for over 70 years. ODLO was the one who invented functional sports underwear and the three-layer principle dressing! ODLO offers a wide range of sport clothes that are suitable for everyone and in every climate.

What we produce

ODLO is the European market leader in terms of functional sports underwear. In addition to a range of product groups: Recreation (Casual outdoor), Running, Cross-country and downhill Skiing, Cycling Clothing, Technological (TecShirts) shirts and blouses, and Accessories: hats, gloves, scarves, socks, bags. ODLOs share of functional underwear market in Europe amounts to 50 percent.

Where we produce

Nearly 80 percent of Odlo’s production is made in Europe and the Middle East, mainly at its factories in Portugal, Bulgaria and Romania. The remaining 20 percent of the products are manufactured in Asia. 90% of production is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes compliance with social standards in manufacturing countries.

What we believe

ODLO is committed to producing the best functional sportswear for those who love active movement – in any weather and at any level! ODLO ensures well-being from the skin outwards and always implement its uncompromisingly high standards, to ensure maximum comfort, quality and performance.